Wednesday, April 15, 2015


After my trip to paris I made a few little paintings from my favourite places and shops in Paris. I posted my painting of the Bonton photobooth on instagram where they saw it and liked it and reposted it on their acount so great! But the best part was that someone saw it and contacted me, she wanted a print of the painting to give to her husband on their  1st anniversary because he proposed to her in that photobooth!! Love that story! I love how social media works and how it connects people and stories.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015


Today is Skirtday ( rokjesdag) in the Netherlands, the first day it's warm enough to go outside wearing a skirt with bare legs! I made this illustration for Roth Illustration Agency  go see their website for more illustrations and illustrators all from Rotterdam!

Thursday, April 09, 2015


Making mini frida's and mini camera's and the pretty new vintage camera Sofia bought at the secondhand market...

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Do you like green?


On my trip to Los Angeles we saw many cacti and visited a very pretty shop called the General store, the picture above was inspired by this shop and my trip to LA.

I made the little rug for the dolls out of an Ikea placemat a fun and easy project to make! I added the print with some textile paint and a sjablon I cut from paper. The little cactus paintings I made on tiny canvas board that I bought at a local art supply shop.

I'm not fond of the colour green but I love plants and the green colours they add to my interior. I didn't have plants in my house for a long time, I wanted them but they always died so at the end I just gave up hope and went for a plant free home but a little more than a year ago I tried again and yes some of the plants didn't make it but most of them did and I love having plants in my home. 

Friday, April 03, 2015

Sweet sushi tutorial

For Mila's party we made sweet sushi, it was real fun to make, it tasted jummie and it looked really cute on the party table.

I've got some questions on how we made the sushi so I made a photo tutorial so you can make your own!

tip: don't know how to make buttercream here is a recipe

 tip:for rolling out the fondant I used a little bit of cornstarch so it would not stick onto the rolling pin or table, use only a little otherwise your fondant will look white instead of black

 tip: If the buttercream  is not soft enough to apply add a little bit of hot water and mix well

enjoy making and eating the sushi!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The power of spray paint...

When I was in LA in september I discoverd the Daiso a very cool Japanese shop that sells a lot of cute things for little money. We left the store with a basket full of goodies. One of the things I bought was this very ugly pink doll sewing machine, a perfect size for my dolls but I really did not like the look of it but I saw the potential. Today I decided to try to spray paint the little machine and I'm very please with how it turned out, it looks kind of vintage I think.
Spray painting is such a fun and easy way to give items a new look and I think I'm addicted to it! 

How to spraypaint a toy sewing machine:
This is such a easy thing to do so I will not make a whole tutorial but just write down the steps.

- cover an area with newspaper ( best to do this outside or in a well ventilated space)
- tape of the pieces you don't want to paint, I liked the white knob so I coverd it with with masking tape.
- spray paint the machine with a thin layer so the paint will not drip, wait untill its dry and repeat this proces    untill the machine is perfectly coverd
- when the machine is dry take of the masking tape and you are ready!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Party Time...

  on saturday I did a little test shoot with Mila 

This weekend was Mila's kids party, she invited 6 girls to celebrate herr birthday with.
The party started with a 'japanese kawaii' high tea with sweet sushi, rasberry cheescake, macarons, strawberries, sweet popcorn and lemonade.

To decorate the table with used paper doilies and lots of confetti! Mila made the cute cat glasses from simple glass jars and a special glass marker, the girls loved the glasses! 

After the cake eating and unwrapping the presents the girls dressed up in Harajuku style and we did a photoshoot inside the house ( the plan was to go outside and do the shoots infront of some cool street art but in was raining and storming ;-(

And then it was time to see a manga film ( wolf children) and eat sushi....

Mila loved the party and I think her friends did too, now it's time to clean up all the confetti and get back to normal life!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cool gifts....


When you turn 12 you need a cool gift and when I saw this polaroid camera in this sweet light blue color I knew it would be the perfect gift for Mila. She loves pictures and always screems out OMG when she sees a polaroid camera ( like a real teenager) She has a few penpals that she love making Happy mail for and the  polaroids that she will take with the camera will be a great addition to her mail.

We bought the camera here, I love the colors they offer and they have some great accesories for the polaroids as well like cute stickers, enveloppes, printed straps and a mini photo album where you can keep the polaroids in.

Mila pretending to take pictures in her birthday outfit

Monday, March 23, 2015

Party time!

Today my sweet Mila turns 12, it is hard to believe she is that big already! I'm so proud of her and love her to bits !

This morning I made her a special birthday breakfast together with Sofia. Of course the breakfast and the gifts had to be cute and Kawaii. 

I'm off baking cake and decorating the house....

She made treats for her class, party popcorn ( popcorn mixed with white chocolate melts with sprinckles) in cute cat bags.